Monday, May 13, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: RackStar

Located in Reno, Nevada, RackStar® is an engineering design and technology company that is pioneering ergonomics in the field through its line of performance utility racks. We understand the field environment, and it is our mission to revolutionize personal safety by applying robotics and smart technology to the universal need of lifting and loading.
We are proud of how our RackStar Lift and Load Systems® promote workers safety and efficiency and lower operating costs for repetitive, high-risk human labor. The value of ergonomics is well documented in internal commercial settings. However, the use of applied ergonomic principles in the field, where the heavy, repetitive lifting and loading is done, has been under utilized.
We identified this opportunity, and we have successfully designed, developed, tested, and demonstrated our first proven performance product – the RackStar550. This system allows one person to lift up to 550 pounds with the push of a button. Our patented performance systems provide for a line of products that have the capability to lift and load up to 2,000 pounds. Whether it is construction, agriculture, building maintenance, recreational cargo, or the delivery of goods, our ergonomic technology will lower the risk for typical injuries that plague both individuals and businesses alike. Made in the USA, our lift and load push-button technology allows a single worker to lift and load material between 550 to 2,000 pounds onto a new or existing ½ and ¾ ton utility, flatbed or pickup truck – and eventually vans. It's that simple.
Behind the simplicity, however, RackStar owns multiple patents for the inventive hardware and software applications that encompass lightweight, low voltage, motion control, and robotics systems. With its ergonomic design requiring only one operator, RackStar performance systems surpass all others. Through its out-sourced manufacturing and distribution model, RackStar will sell into a large and growing niche of the $30 billion specialty automotive equipment aftermarket.

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