Tuesday, July 30, 2013

3D Printed Vibrating Shift Knob For The Ford Mustang Created With OpenXC

Watch as Ford Engineer Zachary Nelson uses the motor from a Microsoft™ Xbox 360® game controller to create an OpenXC shift knob that vibrates when a driver shifts gears in a Ford Mustang. The 3D-printed prototype shift knob uses Ford's OpenXC research platform to link devices to the car via Bluetooth®, and shares vehicle data from the on-board diagnostics port. Zach tests his prototype in a Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 that vibrates at the optimal time to change gears.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis®

Crew Chief™ powered by Telogis® keeps you in control of your fleet no matter where they are.

With total fleet visibility and real-time alerts on a wide range of driver and vehicle metrics, you’ll be managing your fleet like never before. Get reports on anything from unsafe driving and fuel efficiency to asset utilization and vehicle maintenance. You’ll be cutting costs and boosting productivity in no time. After all, at the top of your list is your bottom line.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Best-Selling Mustangs: Hot Wheels -- Ford Mustang Countdown

More than 9.2 million Mustangs have rolled out of Ford factories since 1965, but Ford is not even close to being the number one seller of pony cars in the world. That honor belongs to Mattel, the manufacturer of Hot Wheels. Mustang was part of the original series of 16 vehicles first released in 1968 and since then Mattel has produced tens of millions of 1:64 and 1:43 scale toy Mustangs. Over the past 45 years at least one Hot Wheels Mustang design has been produced almost every year and they are believed to be among the top sellers.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Upward Trend

Having an effective Internet presence is critical to your business growth. But, just building a website is not enough. At Upward Trend, we have a systematized strategy that has proven effective and we have just taken that to whole new levels with our Trend Setter Package. Give us a call today and find out how inexpensive your new Internet Marketing Department can be! We do 80% or more of the work for you! Our passion is not to build websites; it is helping you grow your business.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Getting Started With OpenXC!

Want to help improve personal fuel economy? The July 24 deadline fast approaching to enter Ford's Personalized Fuel-Efficiency App Challenge! Watch as Chris from Ford provides an overview as to how simple it is to get started with our OpenXC toolkit. Learn more at http://ford/challengepost.com and submit your applications and ideas today!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mustang Riding Toys -- Ford Mustang Countdown

For nearly as long parents have been driving Mustangs, there have pint-sized versions made for the kids . Shortly after the debut of the Mustang in 1964, AMF introduced a red convertible pedal car version, originally priced at $12.95. AMF produced the pedal car for several years before selling the tooling to another company where it languished in a Mexican warehouse for more than 30 years before being rediscovered and returned to America to resume production. More recently Fisher-Price has had tremendous success with its line of battery-powered Power Wheels Mustangs.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: California Work Trucks

California Work Trucks, Inc. is driven to
improve the Safety, Security and Productivity
of those who purchase and use our custom 
commercial vehicles.

We work closely with our customers to
continually improve our products to prevent employee injuries, reduce or eliminate loss
due to theft of tools or equipment, and to
improve the productivity of the employees
who work from those vehicles.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

1 Million Mustangs from Flat Rock -- Mustang Countdown

2004 was a milestone year for the Ford Mustang as the first of the all-new fifth-generation models emerged from the assembly line at the Flat Rock Assembly Plant in Flat Rock, Michigan after four decades of production at the legendary Rouge factory near Ford World Headquarters.

The vast majority of more than 9.2 million Ford Mustangs produced since the pony car debuted in 1964 have been built in American factories in southeast Michigan. Just nine years after moving down the road from the Dearborn plant, the production team at Flat Rock celebrated production of 1 million Mustangs on the pony's 49th birthday.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Scelzi Enterprises, Inc.

Scelzi celebrates over 34 years of providing the finest custom made truck bodies in the industry. From the raw sheet metal to the final coat of paint, Scelzi takes pride in quality of its truck bodies. We deliver nation wide the best truck body you can buy and it is not just a Scelzi truck body, but an investment in quality!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Super Duty.® Toughness has a Name Official Trailer HD

A classic story about everyman's struggle against the odds. See how strength, toughness and determination win out and make you the hero with the Ford Super Duty®.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Nor-Cal Mobility

Since 1982, Nor-Cal Mobility has offered wheelchair accessible van conversions, handicap driving equipment, andadaptive modifications for homes and businesses in Northern California. With locations in Chico, Sacramento,Fresno, and Burlingame. We have Braun, VMI, and Eldorado National wheelchair minivan conversions for sale. Nor-Cal Mobility also sells accessible full-size Ford vans manufactured in our facility. Additionally, we have hi-tech mobility driving systems from Guidosimplex and EMC (Electronic Mobility Controls) for sale to assist disabled drivers.

In January, 2013 Nor-Cal Mobility was acquired by MobilityWorks. They now have 24 locations in 12 states (7 in California with Nor-Cal Mobility) and a Commercial Division that provdies ambulettes and paratransit buses for transporting wheelchair passengers.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Day 6 of HOT ROD Power Tour! Birmingham, AL to Chattanooga, TN

Courtney Hansen joins Dennis Pittsenbarger as he drives a '69 Ford Mustang Sportsroof, formerly a notchback, from Birmingham, Alabama to Chattanooga, Tennessee. The Power Tour sprawled across the many parking lots at Chattanooga State Community College before heading to downtown Chattanooga where Corky Coker invites the entire Tour to stop by his many facilities and visit his personal collections as well as Honest Charley's Speed Shop for the unveiling of the Street Rodder Road Tour car.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: Western Truck Fab

Western Truck Fabrication was founded in 1984 by Mark and Julie Meyers, opening its doors in June of 1984 in a 1,500 square foot shop. Since its inception, Western Truck Fab has continuously grown to become the Bay Area’s leading truck body manufacturer. We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2009.

Quality Bodies at Competitive Prices

Western Truck prides itself on producing a quality body that will fit your needs at a competitive price. Unlike the other “cookie cutter” body companies, Western Truck has the ability, through years of experience to design and custom fabricate a truck body that will work best for you. Our salesmen and engineering staff will work with you to achieve the truck body that will best suit your needs. Our 26,000 square foot main facility, along with our 6,500 square foot install facility, enables Western Truck with the capacity to handle any type of body fabrication. Our fabrication shop has up-to-date CNC press brakes, shears, punches, notchers, one 50’ paint booth, one 40’ paint booth, overhead crane, plasma cutters, MIG and TIG welders. In-house fabrication allows us not only to keep costs down, but also allows for shorter lead times.

Customer Service

At Western Truck Fab, customer service and quality are our top priority. We understand the invaluable commodity of customer satisfaction. Every job goes through our thoroughly extensive quality assurance program.

Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

2013 Ford Escape -- #FordAnd

A family man admires his new Escape as he prepares to take a drive. But since his capable Escape comes equipped with EcoBoost, he's able to do more than just drive from point A to point B. He's about to camp and take his wife shopping and hit the links with his friends and that's just the beginning. Only Ford gives him EcoBoost fuel economy AND a whole lot more. That's why Ford is an AND company.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Vendor Spotlight: West Coast Truck Equipment

Since 2002, West Coast Truck Equipment has dedicated itself to delivering top-quality products at competitive prices. We are conveniently located right off Highway 80 in West Sacramento, CA. Our warehouse is about 10,000 square feet with a large yard for storage of truck bodies.

It is important that we meet the needs of our customers; however, it is our goal to exceed our customer's expectations for service, quality and value. At West Coast Truck Equipment, we have a "great body" for your business!

Though we are a smaller company, we have a passion for sitting down with our customers and planning out the exact truck they need, from the overall body down to every toolbox and accessory. We like to customize the truck for the customer's needs to make sure each customer gets everything they need and the end result is a product that will serve them extremely well.

We do not claim to be a manufacturer...we are a truck equipment distributor, although we do a good deal of custom modifications to existing products. This save you money and time. We can buy competitively and get the product to our customer at a reasonable price.

When a customer asks us, "when is it going to be done?," we are realistic and honest. Usually when we give a delivery date, we deliver on time so there will be no delays on the jobsite. Every truck is different, and our motto is:

"A good quality product at a planned price with an on time delivery!"