Saturday, March 28, 2020

Scelzi Enterprises, Inc. | NTEA 2020

Gary Scelzi shares his experience at NTEA 2020 in an interview with Joe Hughes, President of the National Ford Truck Club. In 1979 the Scelzi brothers (Mike, Jim and Gary) started Scelzi Enterprises with a small loan from their father, Monroe. Each was instilled with the belief in a Total Commitment to Quality in everything they did. That drive and Commitment has resulted in a legacy of building the highest quality truck bodies in the USA. Today Scelzi Enterprises occupies more than 20 acres in South Fresno with additional pool and assembly locations in Oregon, Washington, Southern California, and Denver. Read more Company History... Scelzi Enterprises: American Ingenuity and Quality that has not been surpassed since 1979. It's not just a Scelzi truck's an Investment in Quality!

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