Saturday, June 24, 2017

Voth Displays All Aluminum, Lightweight Landscape Body

Frank Voth of Voth Truck Bodies talks with Joe Hughes of the National Ford Truck Club and Ford Pros about Aluminum Truck Bodies showing off a Landscape Dump Body. Frank states that the Aluminum Body is about 40-45% lighter than the same body made out of steel.

Next Ron Smith talks about the Kargo King detachable truck body system. Voth's design has features that make the use of the body much more user-friendly and at the same time somewhat greater stability during use. Ron also mentions that a van body is available for the Kargo King system as well. With only 60 seconds to move the body off, this system is very quick saving time and creating greater efficiency.

Frank shares more about the product line of Voth Truck Bodies including an Aluminum Chipper Body. They also build steel bodies.

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